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Instead of making copy for your channel one Tweet at a time, multiply your efforts by using the ultimate text spinner for Tweets.

Possible variations:

How to write great Tweets

Writing engaging Tweets is difficult.

If you go to Twitter and look around, you'll see how hard it is to engage strangers, even your own loyal followers.

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Coming up with unique ideas for your Tweets can be a struggle because, honestly, hasn't everything been said and tweeted already? Why bother adding more noise?

When you read up on online marketing and automatic text generation, you'll come across many different so-called "text spinning" tools like SpinYourTweets.

Most of them are not free, unlike this one 😇

The underlying algorithm is very simple but also extremely powerful.

Text spinning works

Instead of writing something over and over again by adding variations manually, you can now draft multiple Tweets at once.

The general rules apply to your Mastertweets as well, of course.

  • Add value: Don't just put your Tweets out there because you can
  • Add CTAs: In order to engage your readers you have to tell them so
  • Add links: Your marketing Tweets won't work without them
  • Add hashtags: Hashtags should be relevant to your Tweet
  • Add emojis: Admit it, you can't live without them anymore
  • Add variations: This is what SpinYourTweets is for

Copy successful methods

If you want to become an authority on Twitter, you'll have to master the art of publishing engaging Tweets. Writing great Tweets is something you can learn easily by just copying successful people on Twitter.

Pick a role model and try to emulate their success.

How do they write great Tweets? How do they engage their audience? How do they use hashtags and emojis? When is the right time to tweet your outbound links?


Text spinning algorithms are not very complex, but for beginners the syntax can be confusing. Most problems with text spinner tools arise from poor syntax.

The basic syntax is as follows:



The text spinner creates three variations: A, B, and C

Everything inside the curly brackets { and } is randomized, e.g. all entries delimited by the pipe character | are possible options from which SpinYourTweets chooses randomly.

It's actually very easy. All this little tool does is create random variations of your Mastertweet. This process is called "text spinning" in online marketing circles. It's mostly used for "black hat" search engine optimization.

Theoretically you can spin articles with thousands of words in with a text spinner and save hours of time in the content creation process.


{Hey|Hello|Hi}, how are you?

This creates the following unique variations:

  • Hey, how are you?
  • Hello, how are you?
  • Hi, how are you?

Instead of spinning just single words, you can put whole phrases into curly brackets:


{Hey|Hello|Hi}, {what's up|how are you {today|tonight}}?

This creates the following unique variations:

  • Hello, how are you today?
  • Hello, how are you tonight?
  • Hello, what's up?
  • Hey, how are you today?
  • Hey, how are you tonight?
  • Hey, what's up?
  • Hi, how are you today?
  • Hi, how are you tonight?
  • Hi, what's up?

You can put anything into curly brackets, including hashtags and links:


Check out {|} {#hashtag|#anothertag}

This creates the following unique variations:

  • Check out #anothertag
  • Check out #hashtag
  • Check out #anothertag
  • Check out #hashtag

You can spin emojis as well.


I love Twitter {😇|🐣|❤️}

This creates the following unique variations:

  • I love Twitter ❤️
  • I love Twitter 🐣
  • I love Twitter 😇

You can write nested statements to create even more unique Tweets.


{This is my {first|1st} {great|amazing} sentence|And that one is {the second {one|}|the 2nd|{definitely|absolutely} not the 3rd}}

This creates the following unique variations:

  • And that one is absolutely not the 3rd
  • And that one is definitely not the 3rd
  • And that one is the 2nd
  • And that one is the second
  • And that one is the second one
  • This is my 1st amazing sentence
  • This is my 1st great sentence
  • This is my first amazing sentence
  • This is my first great sentence

PS: We used a nested statement in the second example earlier.


I believe in free (and open) software. And I like giving away my own software, like this unique text spinner, for free as well.

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