»Rub« the Cat

Rub, the cat, was sad the other day,
He missed his friend, he missed the petting,
He had been alone and cold at night,
He slept a lot to help forgetting.

Rub went to the docks to watch the ships,
He liked the sailors smoking when arriving,
He looked around but there were no men that day,
He peeked into the water, dreamed of diving.

The fish were swimming thoughtless and calm,
And Rub wished he could get one for dinner,
After a while a boy came with his shaking rod,
Rub felt the boy was nice and not a sinner.

The boy looked sad, sadder even than the cat,
Rub was hiding, thinking why this boy wasn't playing,
Fooling around with other boys at his own age,
Rub saw that the boy was crying and praying.

Rub put his tail in the air and meowed a little,
The boy smiled and saw that Rub needed petting,
They sat together in the warmth of the sun,
Waiting for a fish to bite to help forgetting.

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