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Create perfect pen names

With this little writer's tool you can generate literally millions of pen names with the touch of a button.

Creating the ideal pen name might take more than just that, though. You have to experiment and look out for names that sound pleasant and that are easy to pronounce.

Alliterations work wonders, but brevity is always king in the pseudonym finding game.

If you want to start out in a new genre or just try out a fresh approach, playing around with a name generator like this can easily inspire you. Without it you could just grab a printed telephone book and pick one of the names in there.

This name generator does something similar, but it's faster and provides many more pen name combinations than any book ever will.

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Pen name generator tips

A pen name generator creates pseudonyms for you but it doesn't know you very well. The suggested pen names are completely random and not all of them are suited for your writing career. There will be funny names, stupid names, very questionable names, and also rare gems that you might overlook in the heat of the moment.

The cool thing, though, is that you can create unlimited pen names with this pen name generator. Many users have sent e-mails over the years, praising the simplicity of the name generator. Others have said that they actually found an appropriate pen name (or nom de plume) with this app.

Hopefully, you're among those who find a good pen name. If you have feedback or criticism concerning this application, don't hesitate to find me on Twitter and tell me all about it.

If you need names that don't sound American, you can try one of my other name generators; a few examples are listed below.

Finding good pen names

The pen name generator will suggest unlimited names for you to choose from. But what makes a good pen name?

Generally, it should be short and/or memorable. It should be unique and ideally it reflects your genre, or better yet, it really shows who you are and who you write for. Establishing an online presence as a 21st century writer is essential to getting the word out. This means that you have to find a name that nobody else shares with you, at least if you're writing in the same genre.

A future version of this generator will include options to fine-tune the results according to your genre and other individual preferences. Please be patient as I'm wrangling the code needed for that functionality. The basic algorithm responsible for the generation of random names is really simple, but these added features are not.