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Find expletives / filler words and eliminate them.

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I mainly analyzed Barack Obama's speeches to find dozens upon dozens of valuable filler words. I also did additional research on the internet.

The following list of expletives and filler words is probably not complete. If you know a filler word that is missing, you can use the contact form below to submit it.

A list of filler words

Suggest expletives & filler words

New additions are very welcome. Submit your suggestion with the following form. Maximum characters: 30. Your submission is anonymous and secured by a SSL connection.


Avoiding filler words

Not all filler words & expletives are bad, but reducing their numbers shows that you take your craft seriously. Avoiding them shows that you think before you write. That's something people often neglect in favor of putting texts out quickly.

When you analyze articles by bloggers, journalists and texts (e.g. speeches) by various writers you'll realize that the good ones compose consciously. Writing is a craft that needs refinement. Re-writing a text is more important than jotting down the first draft.

The first draft is a result of what comes to your mind while you write. The drafts after the first one will improve your texts. Only while editing your own work you'll find filler words and expletives and you'll be able to re-think and re-write until you're truly satisfied.

This tool helps you to find filler words & expletives. It will not magically improve your text since leaving out filler words often makes a text unreadable. The goal is to write sentences that do not rely on filler words.

Additional resources

The following books and websites can help you to improve your writing, with special emphasis on expletives & filler words.

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