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The Theory Behind
DJ Name Generators

DJ name generators are not very complex apps. The basic principle is rather simple: the one you're using right now follows a few randomization patterns to give you unique results. One of those patterns is based on combining two random names to generate a new random name.

Another technique used in this app is an algorithm to find only alliterations, e.g. Eats Everything or Barbara Boeing.

Most variations are based on the combination of an adjective and a noun, e.g. Solid Blake, or two nouns, e.g. DJ Hell.

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Random Names
For Beginners

It's tempting to use one of your favorite dj names right away but you should check whether the name is already being used by somebody else.

After all, a DJ name should be unique and representative of who you are as an artist.

The random name generator creates names by combining existing prefixes and suffixes. Sometimes it generates a name that is already being used by another DJ.

But you can always try again. The number of combinations is currently approaching 1 million. Those are all unique random names but not all of them will sound nice or be available. This tool should be used not as a guide, but as a source of inspiration. You'll find a good name if you stop looking.

A good dj name is short, recognizable, and easy to pronounce. There are exceptions to this rule, of course. But generally you want one of those dj names that are hard to forget, those that really stick with you.

A lot of it has to do with your work, the music you produce and play. If your audience can sense a connection between your dj name, your genre and your music, they'll probably hold on to it.

No machine will ever be as creative as humans, including you. Try it out and see for yourself: the dj name generator will produce neutral ("random") results.

It's unbiased, doesn't ask for your gender, and makes it possible to explore literally hundreds of thousands of random dj names. The list of names is updated regularly and some more advanced features are due in late 2020.

With this dj name generator you can generate as many random names as you want. It's free software and this version is always going to be a free app.

You shouldn't try to maintain too many aliases in the music business world. It's okay to use different names for works in different genres; trying to avoid criticism for the work itself by dodging the reviewers is not okay.

I didn't anticipate it but people have asked this via e-mail… I decided to make this a unisex name generator for various reasons. It's pretty much neutral. You can skip all the names that you don't like.

The DJ business is still very much dominated by male artists, producers, and performers. Finding the right DJ name is important in order to be recognized as a professional. Please take a look at the Top 100 DJanes as shown by 🤩

Why Popular DJs
Choose Their Names

Why do people use pseudonyms? Many writers, painters, musicians, and other artists use aliases? The reasons are very subjective and different from artist to artist.

DJ Hell's real name is Helmut Josef Geier which is a typical German name. But it's bulky and hard to pronounce if you're not German. A short and direct pseudonym creates itself: Hell(mut)

Solid Blake is another example of a dj name derived from the real name. Her official name is Emma Blake which would've made a cool pseudonym as well.

5 Popular DJs
& Their Music

  • DJ Deep France
  • Anna Wall @DJAnnaWall United Kingdom
  • Ø [Phase] United Kingdom
  • Kate Miller Australia / Germany
  • Solid Blake @solid_blake Denmark