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Why the fuck is it so difficult to find original live chess footage on Youtube?

Am I doing something wrong? Am I expecting too much? Am I not seeing something here?

Basic WordPress SEO without using plugins

Don’t you just hate it when you need to install a plugin to achieve one simple thing using WordPress?

Hookpad, a wasted opportunity

When a brilliant plan put to action turns out be to really, really, really shortsighted.

GNU nano for (frugal) writers

If you’ve ever used a Linux distribution or any of the BSDs then you’re probably already familiar with the GNU nano editor.

Generate “random” passwords from the command line

I type this into my terminal when I just need a quick “random” password.

Creating WordPress menus from categories

I like to keep things simple.

Sidebars suck

I will never use those fucking things again. Ever.


Don’t worry. It’s not gone.

Text-to-speech using the Web Speech API

I’ve always been fascinated by text-to-speech programs.