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Random bits from my personal life. For some reason I have to get these out of my system.

RE: dark web / deep web

Whenever someone mentions the “dark web” or the “deep web” in a conversation I try very hard to bite my tongue.

God is dead!!!

It’s not every day that a bus ride to work inspires me to write a blog post about God.

Weak ass birds in the making

I live in a small “green” municipality (~19.000 citizens) and we’re doing everything to “save” birds by maintaining multiple nature conservation areas.

Optimism versus pessimism

It’s strange how neither optimists nor pessimists think of themselves as optimists or pessimists respectively.

Why the fuck is it so difficult to find original live chess footage on Youtube?

Am I doing something wrong? Am I expecting too much? Am I not seeing something here?


Don’t worry. It’s not gone.

Dying like a man

Like most males over thirty I sometimes imagine my own death…