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My favorite music. Also included: My progress of becoming a musician.

Reading between the scales

While looking for accessible information about the harmonic minor scales I stumbled upon this theory: “The notes outside the major scale form a pentatonic scale”

Music I listened to (March 2018)

I like all kinds of music but the last few months have been dominated by two genres that I grew up with: Neoclassical metal and Goa Trance.

Free music education resources (March 2018)

I’ll start off the series this month with a loose collection of free music education resources that I found online & elsewhere in March, 2018.

“Cracking the Code” by Troy Grady

I browse Youtube almost daily for instructional videos about music theory, guitar exercises and other related topics and yesterday I stumbled upon the Holy Grail.

Hookpad, a wasted opportunity

When a brilliant plan put to action turns out be to really, really, really shortsighted.