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Weak ass birds in the making

I live in a small “green” municipality (~19.000 citizens) and we’re doing everything to “save” birds by maintaining multiple nature conservation areas.

Hiking isn’t forbidden yet. Last Friday I seized the opportunity (excellent weather) and went for a little stroll. It’s still winter here so the trees are naked. Well, not entirely naked. They don’t have leaves yet but there are odd constructs hanging in every other tree. I had never recognized them in the years before and I counted at least twenty within a 100m radius. It was weird.

I agree with the sentiment that we’re somewhat responsible for our environment but this idea of “saving” the world one step at a time doesn’t seem to be thought through.

“Every bird box helps!”

Yes, all those bird boxes provide shelter for birds that might be endangered or even on the brink of extinction.

But we can’t be sure that only those endangered birds move into these tiny houses. It’s absurd, just like those signs telling your dog to respect the lawn he wants to desecrate so badly. Dogs can’t read. And birds don’t build tiny timber huts for themselves…

Maybe the endangered birds don’t even know that they’re on some kind of list and deemed worthy of saving. Maybe they know. Maybe they don’t care. Maybe they wanna go extinct.

The point is: Providing shelter for birds in the cold seasons might help them through yet another winter. But what about the next one? Or the one after that?

Those are some weak ass birds in the making. And unlike many other things happening to those poor birds, that’s entirely on us.

The birds which survive on their own (without bird boxes) are more likely to deal with naturally occurring hardships like cold, heat and lack of food than their “spoilt” brethren.