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Struggling with responsive views for “Pseudonym”

I’m currently revisiting ancient projects of mine and “Pseudonym”, a popular random name generator, is next on my list.

I like the new approach but I’ve put myself in a tight spot regarding responsiveness. On mobile devices this simply doesn’t work as intended. The whole terminal design sucks if it’s crammed into a view that is less than at least 800px wide.

Maybe it’s overkill but I’m thinking about using the CSS property transform: scale(…) to make it all fit. The alternative is to create several views for different screen sizes and aspect ratios. I don’t want that because it’s guesswork at best. The next best thing might be to create a second design for narrow views, a total conversion from a full-size terminal to maybe a calculator or something…

Another solution to the problem is ignoring handheld devices and concentrating on the “main” view, the desktop variant that I started with.

Fuck, I miss the 90s.

PS: I’ve ditched Skeleton in favor of the new Bootstrap 4. At least that was a good decision.