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My first blog sucked

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I discovered WordPress in 2007 when a friend told me about it. I created my first self-hosted WordPress blog in 2008, roughly a decade ago.

The first attempt at a blog failed after a few months because I got tied up in commercial projects. I was in it for the money. At least I thought that I was in it for the money. Today I’m not so sure anymore. Although I spent almost all my professional life doing something with internet technology, I’ve earned surprisingly little monetary rewards in all those years.

I’m lazy, so that’s probably one of the reasons. And I’m not greedy. I participated in the earlier affiliate programs and it felt like I was selling my soul.

The truth is that I ran out of stuff to write about pretty quickly because I didn’t know much back then.

To make things short: Every aspect of the old blog sucked, except for the design maybe. Sadly, I don’t have any screenshots to prove that and I disabled the archiving of my websites a long time ago.

So, now that I’ve learned a few useful things within the last ten years it’s time for a new blog.

It’s nice to get some things out of one’s system by blogging about it.