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Music I listened to (March 2018)

I like all kinds of music but the last few months have been dominated by two genres that I grew up with: Neoclassical metal and Goa Trance.

I won’t list all the music, though. It’s a list of favorites, more or less. I’ll focus on stuff I found only recently but I won’t ignore the classics. If all goes well, this will mostly serve me as a handy collection of bookmarks.

If available, I’ll list Bandcamp profiles or other indie music platforms. For commercial mainstream music Youtube should be good enough.


  • Yngwie Malmsteen – Rising Force (1984)
  • Type 0 Negative – October Rust (1996)
  • Infected Mushroom – The Gathering (1999)
  • Colonel Petrov’s Good Judgement (BC) – Moral Machine (2016)


  • Cacophony – Speed Metal Symphony (Speed Metal Symphony, 1987)
  • Liars — Left Speaker Blown (Mess, 2014)
  • Cold Showers (BC) — Only Human (Matter of Choice, 2015)