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Free music education resources (March 2018)

I’ll start off the series this month with a loose collection of free music education resources that I found online & elsewhere in March, 2018.

Found on Youtube

  • 5 essential strumming patterns (duration: 13m7s)
    Back to the drawing board! I may know most common scales and how to play them theoretically but my rhythm guitar skills are still shit. Nate Savage encourages me to rectify my flawed timing once and for all.
  • Cracking the Code – Eddie Van Halen & Randy Rhoads (total duration: >2 hours)
    Troy Grady has created a wonderful series about his own journey to becoming a better guitar player. He explains how the famous Casio SK-1 helped him decipher devilish metal riffs from the late 80s. I wrote another article about the series which you can find here.
  • You Don’t Know What Chords Go in Every Key! (duration: 25m23s)
    Ben Eller reveals a neat trick to quickly find all the chords that are in any major or minor key. Example Amaj: A, D and E are major chords; Bm, C#m and F#m are the minor chords; G#° is the diminished one. The major key chord pattern is incredible easy to remember and the one for minor keys is as well.

Found by using Google

  • The differences between the three minor scale variants
    Malmsteen made neoclassical metal popular in the 80s. The unique sound and the feeling in his playing is probably owed to the dominant use of the harmonic minor scale. I know there are three minor scales but until a few weeks ago I had concentrated on the Aeolian mode (natural minor) exclusively. Interestingly I had been experimenting with one of the harmonic minor patterns while exploring “gypsy” scales… now I know why it intrigues me so much.