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Accidentals (sharps, flats, naturals) as HTML entities


There are HTML entities for almost any symbol that we use in our daily communication – musical notation, such as sharps and flats, is available as well.

The visible difference ranges from subtle to extremely obvious, mostly depending on the font-family and font-size CSS properties. You can copy and paste the HTML entities or the corresponding Unicode notation from the following table.

Use this HTML entity to produce this instead of writing this
♭ or ♭ b
♮ ?
♯ or ♯ #
𝄪 𝄪 x
𝄫 𝄫 bb
𝄪 𝄫
flat natural sharp double sharp double flat

Please note: This list is not complete. There are dozens of symbols in the “Musical Symbols” block of the unicode charset. I’ll improve on what I presented above in future posts. In the meanwhile you can find more musical notation here.