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XML file freezes browser & crashes computer

A short anecdote about modern web browsers (Firefox specifically) being stupid as fuck when it comes to loading and rendering big XML files.

The only reason to publish multipage content

You’ve probably guessed the reason already but I’ll spell it out anyway: Money. More page views result in increased ad revenue. The multipage scam is a web publishing (de facto) standard that needs to go.

Music I listened to (March 2018)

I like all kinds of music but the last few months have been dominated by two genres that I grew up with: Neoclassical metal and Goa Trance.

Free music education resources (March 2018)

I’ll start off the series this month with a loose collection of free music education resources that I found online & elsewhere in March, 2018.

Accidentals (sharps, flats, naturals) as HTML entities

There are HTML entities for almost any symbol that we use in our daily communication – musical notation, such as sharps and flats, is available as well.

“Cracking the Code” by Troy Grady

I browse Youtube almost daily for instructional videos about music theory, guitar exercises and other related topics and yesterday I stumbled upon the Holy Grail.

Weak ass birds in the making

I live in a small “green” municipality (~19.000 citizens) and we’re doing everything to “save” birds by maintaining multiple nature conservation areas.

Create WordPress sitemaps on the fly without plugins

I found this snippet for creating sitemaps on an old thumbdrive and it works fine with the latest WordPress (4.9.4) – no need for yet another bloated, ad-riddled WordPress plugin!

Highlight old WordPress posts

Some WordPress posts have a very short lifespan in terms of relevance.