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Moving on

Because the past is the past, right?

Giving up creating for the web (without a fight)

After almost 15 years of creating websites and small apps I’m done with web development as of today.

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No, thanks. I’m fine.

Reading between the scales

While looking for accessible information about the harmonic minor scales I stumbled upon this theory: “The notes outside the major scale form a pentatonic scale”

RE: dark web / deep web

Whenever someone mentions the “dark web” or the “deep web” in a conversation I try very hard to bite my tongue.

God is dead!!!

It’s not every day that a bus ride to work inspires me to write a blog post about God.

XML file freezes browser & crashes computer

A short anecdote about modern web browsers (Firefox specifically) being stupid as fuck when it comes to loading and rendering big XML files.

The only reason to publish multipage content

You’ve probably guessed the reason already but I’ll spell it out anyway: Money. More page views result in increased ad revenue. The multipage scam is a web publishing (de facto) standard that needs to go.

Music I listened to (March 2018)

I like all kinds of music but the last few months have been dominated by two genres that I grew up with: Neoclassical metal and Goa Trance.