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Finding the right name for your baby is a very important task. You can search baby names manually or you can find great names with this baby name generator.

Over 100.000 baby names generated since 2019 ✌️

Find a beautiful name for your baby.

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A Baby's Name Stays Forever

Naming a baby is special. You give a name to your daughter or son and (if you want it or not) this name might define your child's life. Be careful to think this through and be patient while searching a baby name.

Many parents struggle with finding an appropriate name, especially if the baby isn't even born yet. Some couples wait until he or she comes out, yelling, crying, and only later, when things become calm, they decide on a baby name.

Instead of rushing this decision, take your time. Play around with baby name lists, favorite names from past generations, or this baby name generator.

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Baby Name Generator Features & More

The benefits of using a baby name generator might not be clear at first. Why would you want a computer to find a baby name for you? How can a cold-hearted machine help with your problem?

Finding a cute, meaningful baby name can take weeks, months even. After spending hours upon hours on this task, you'll be biased and far from neutral.

The machine, this baby name generator, is always neutral. It doesn't know you or your baby. It just gives you ideas until you stop asking for it.

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Tips & Tricks Regarding This Name Generator

Using a name generator to find a baby name that really fits can be a grueling waste of time if you don't know all the features of this app.

You can easily change the output of the baby name generator if you play with the options provided, e.g. you can limit the length of the names.

Future versions of this application will include other important toggles so that finding a name becomes easier. If you have feedback, please don't hesitate to tell us.

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The Most Popular Baby Names Might Suprise You

There are many lists online publishing the most popular baby names annually, sorted by years or decades. It's very interesting to see how some names seem to stick through many generations while others drop off the map quickly.

We tried to gather the most popular names in a neutral manner but of course there is always room for discussion in these matters. What do you think are the most popular names for babies?

Please note: The following list of popular names is valid for the USA! Source for the list of names below: (2018)

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Popular Names For Girls

  • Emma 01
  • Olivia 02
  • Ava 03
  • Isabella 04
  • Sophia 05
  • Charlotte 06
  • Mia 07
  • Amelia 08
  • Harper 09
  • Evelyn 10

Popular Names For Boys

  • Liam 01
  • Noah 02
  • William 03
  • James 04
  • Oliver 05
  • Benjamin 06
  • Elijah 07
  • Lucas 08
  • Mason 09
  • Logan 10

Happy Baby, Happy Parents

The perfect baby name is not generated by a machine but chosen by you. Take your time and choose wisely. Your baby's name will stick with it for the remainder of their life. Make your baby happy by giving it a loving name. Listen to your heart.

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